Saturday, September 22, 2012

Kavala and Thassos Island

the famous Greek salad, my boys just can't get enough of this..

a nearby beach and taverna in Kavala.. the summer is winding down.

from the top of old town Kavala, at the lookout, there are actually steps down to this area for swimming.. 

Kavala down below

streets of Kavala

soaking in all the sun...

the old fortress atop the city of Kavala

view from the Fortress walls

beautiful Kavala

from the Fortress

at the marina in Kavala

Thassos town

before the dinner rush on Thassos

Thassos marina

following the ferry

leaving Kavala

a relaxing beach on Thassos...

Hope you have enjoyed the mix of few images from our travels so far in Greece, stay tuned for more...

All images are mine, so please don't steal ;)


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