Monday, September 3, 2012

first week in Greece...

First things first.. some of my favorites, boghacha and
 dark chocolate croissant from the corner bakery

The boys love the gyros at this spot at the center of town... I love em too ;)

We went down to Perea, had a meal to honor Gag's birthday
 and put the last of his ashes in the water.

The glorious Greek salad (Xoriatiki)

 Greek coffee always hit the spot!

Market day... picking olives :)

More fresh market fare.. beautiful tomatoes and fantastic sausages..

Arman was inspired to make us dinner... twas yummy ;)

feta with a drizzle of olive oil and dried Greek oregano..
they way yiayia used to make

 Aristotelous Square

for more of my words see my other blog.. this is just for pictures :) 

peace and light


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