Wednesday, November 17, 2010

corner view: anything goes

Today the corner view around the globe is "anything goes", can't wait to hop the blogosphere to see what other bloggers have posted :)

My corner view today is "Inspiration".  I had the pleasure of doing a photo shoot for an artist named MarHak for an upcoming book publication.  The minute I walked into his studio I was blown away by the colors and textures that cover his walls.  The only thing I could say to him was.... "how can you NOT be inspired to create in a space like this"..

Here are some of the images I captured there, had an amazing time and walked away very inspired myself.  An amazing artist and great person to be around...he exudes happiness!

"All you need is Love and a paintbrush"..... MarHak

you can view his work here

for more corner views vistit Theresa



  1. what a wonderful studio! I almost can smell the paint!

  2. Wow, what a great's been such a grey day here today, I am quite jealous!

  3. I can see you were happy there in the pictures.. well done!!! thanks for sharing!!! xxx

  4. Hey, that's uplifting! Makes me want to grab a paintbrush.

  5. You have the most incredible dream job. Can I come with you next time and hold your lenses?
    Fun and impressive...

  6. inspiring, to say the least. and cheerful!

  7. anyone who exudes happiness is just rich in my book and, if he's a talented artist on top of that... woo hoo, instant jackpot :)

    thanks for the sneak peek.

  8. Thanks Mari for your time and effort.
    Love is Life.Live,Love and Love again.......

  9. Beautiful uplifting and inspiring!
    Way to go!


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